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Providing Banking and Finance, Corporate, Commercial and Business legal and strategic advice

Our Corporate & Finance Team is experienced in providing banking and finance, corporate, commercial and business legal and strategic advice to many clients , from large corporate entities to SME’s. We have overseas clients including in the USA, China, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Denmark, South America and Australia. Our team brings an innovative perspective to business and finance legal solutions in a number of areas including structured finance to mezzanine finance options.

We can offer advice in the following areas:


  • Business Structuring & Restructuring
  • Business/Asset Sales & Purchases
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Management & Leveraged Buyouts
  • Joint Ventures
  • Investment and Business Trusts
  • New Zealand Government Relations
  • Trade Practices
  • Amalgamations
  • Terms of Trade/Credit Policies


  • Corporate Advisory
  • Governance
  • Strategic & Sustainability Planning
  • Regulatory  Compliance
  • Succession Planning
  • Shareholders/Mutual  Purchase Agreements

Banking and Finance

  • Structured Finance
  • Personal Property Securities
  • Specialist Advice
  • Public Offers & Securities
  • Issuer and Underwriter Advice
  • Securitisation
  • Derivatives

Intellectual Property, Information Technology and Communication Technology

  • Licensing Intellectual Property and Information Technology
  • Intellectual Property registration – trade marks and patents
  • Franchising and Distribution agreements
  • Copyright advice
  • E-commerce and web sites
  • Privacy Act
  • Advertising and Marketing advice and reviews
  • Software development, implementation and service agreements

Capital Investment

  • Private Equity
  • Investment  Funding/Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Development & Mezzanine Finance
  • Foreign Investment
  • Fund Management/Unit Trusts
  • Portfolio Strategies
  • Compliance & Accreditation

 New  Ventures/Entrepreneurs

  • Venture Capital and Angel Funding
  • Local and Off-shore Investment/Business  Structuring
  • USA Business Development


  • Commercial Leasing
  • Sales and Acquisitions
  • Development Projects
  • Emissions Trading & Compliance
  • Crown Acquisition
  • Construction Contracts
  • Relationship Property
  • Complex Subdivisions